Polyamory Relationship

The term Polyamory refers to having more then one intimate relationship at the same time. The relationships are done with the full consent and knowledge of everyone involved. It may be said that Polyamory is the opposite of monogamous. Polyamory is sometimes referred to as poly.

An emphasis on honesty with all partners involved is considered a foundation of the poly relationship. The consent of all partners is considered a defining characteristic of polyamory. Couples who live in polyamory have values and those values include everything from loyalty to non-possessiveness. Living in polyamory is a lifestyle chosen by couples. Polyamory means that it is possible to love more than one person deeply. Polyamory is based on a mutual respect and love for each other and are truthful about their relationships.

Some people feel that a polyamory relationship requires a different level of attitudes and communication then a monogamous relationship. Polyamory will often require a more flexible approach between those involved. Different people will have a different view as to what polyamory means. There is no single definition of polyamory that is acceptable to everyone.

Some research has shown that in the United States there are some One Million Polyamory relationships. The number of polyamory relationships also seems to have grown in line with the rise of the internet which enabled people to have easier communication with other people interested in this type of relationship.

Some people feel that Polyamory means "loving more than one". Some people in a Polyamory relationship feel that all partners should be equal. But others have a different view. Some people use the terms primary relationship and secondary relationship. For example a Woman may refer to the relationship with her husband as her primary relationship and her other lover or lovers as her secondary relationship.

Forms of Polyamory
It may be said that there are a number of forms or categories within polyamory
When three people are involved in a relationship it is sometimes referred to as a triad relationship.
A relationship involving a couple with another couple is called a Quad.
Polygamy is where one person marries several spouses.
Polyfidelity is where sexual activity is restricted to only certain partners of a group.
A cuckold relationship is where the man monogamous yet agrees to his wife or girlfriend having other partners.

There are many different types of a polyamory relationship. In most cases polyamory is built around equality between all partners. But sometimes a polyamory relationship may be Female led. This is where the Female of Females control everything that happens in the group.

A Female Led Polyamory Relationship often involves domination. The Female will take on the role of a strict Dominant and the men will take on the role of obedient submissives. Some Women will seek out this type of arrangement from the beginning. Many submissive men are attracted to this type of relationship.

In a house where there are several members in a polyamory relationship the Female or Females will control and decide on everything that happens in the house. It may be that the only the Female will have various lovers. The Female may also have full financial control of the finances in the polyamory house. Submissive men in the polyamory relationship will be required to serve and obey everything the Female tells them.

Most couples start out in a monogamous relationship and are often happy with that type of relationship. But over a period of time many couples feel that something is lacking in their relationship and that they both need more. Society often forced monogamy on people when it is not what they really want in their life.

For those in monogamy the move to polyamory often starts with thoughts and feelings before it becomes reality. One partner who may feel restricted in a monogamy relationship may start talking to the other partner about polyamory. They may even know a couple or group in polyamory and be invited to join that group.

The move to polyamory offers a couple so much and often results in a much closer and happier relationship. Good communication and honesty is an important part in making the move to polyamory.

For many being new to Polyamory is a very exciting experience. Often it is something they will think about for months or even years before they do it. Many are introduced by their friends. Some people will seek out a Polyamory group over the internet as a way of meeting other people interested in Polyamory.

For those that are interested in Polyamory it is a good idea to read as much as you can about the subject first. You may want to join a discussion forum or join polyamory dating where you can easily meet other people seeking a polyamory relationship.

Never rush into a Polyamor relationship. Take your time and talk things through with the other people involved to make sure it is what you are seeking.

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