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Here at Femdom Worship you will find the listings to hundreds of strict and attractive Femdom from around the world. These Femdom are all you desire and will cater to a whole range of fantasy and fetish. Femdom Worship also provides information about the Femdom lifestyle and all about how to serve and obey a Femdom.

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Femdom Maxima
A very attractive blonds Femdom that is both strict and sadistic.
Femdom Nadia
She is located in the Capital Federal Buenos Aires Argentina. Your mind is subject to Her whims. She will train you to serve as a slave.

Femdom Servalan
She is a world-renowned Dominatrix located in Sydney, Australia. Femdom Servalan combines classic fetish glamour looks with intelligence, cruelty, compassion and most of all an impeccable range of skills gained from over 10 years in the BDSM scene both personally and professionally.
Femdom Pearl
Her many years of experience in BDSM enables Her to safely push your previously defined limits in ways that you are only just beginning to imagine. A Strict Enforcer of Conduct and Decorum and for those who kneel before Her.

Mistress Nora
A very strict Femdom that trains slaves in a large cariety of areas.
La Contessa
A very experienced Femdom.

SM Studio The Cellar
A true BDSM-lover who has been involved in the BDSM world for more then 20 years. Role-play, physical discipline and soft to hard BDSM and more.
Maitresse Kika
The perfect control over body and mind.
Femdom Morticia
Experienced in training slaves on how to serve and obey Her. Attractive and experienced Domina that is strict and experienced.

Femdom Shira
Tall, slim, elegant professional Dominatrix based in Ottawa and regularly visit Montreal and Toronto, Canada.
Maitresse Angélie
A Professional Femdom with a dungeon in Montreal.
Femdom Katarina
Training and Discipline, Feminization, Transformation, X-dressing, Verbal and Non-verbal Humiliation.
Lady Chyna
Enchanting Chinese Goddess who combines the gentleness of the Orient with the cruelty of an experienced Canadian Mistress.
Zoe Aspasia
A Canadian Pro Domina/Dominatrix based out of Toronto, Ontario.
Femdom Dominique
She will take you places; nice places, naughty places. Places you have never imagined before. A very strict disciplinarian.

Goddess Qing
An absolutely stunning oriental Mistress, an intelligent lady embodied Sensual Sadist character.
Femdom Woo
Exclusive, imaginative and exquisite, a natural born Chinese Domme with a profound understanding in aspect of pain and pleasure.

Czech Republic:
Femdom Arella
International worshippers will be pleased to learn that She travels extensively and may be available for hotel or dungeon sessions during these trips.
Madam Vevera
Dominant lady Madame Vevera and my slave Veverak.

Madame Helene
An extremely experienced professional Dominatrix.
Sadism at its finest.

Are you ready to let go and let your fantasy to become true. Perhaps you are now ready to admit to yourself that you are a bottom submissive or an erotic pleasure loving hedonist - in other words, someone who will enjoy the services. Finnish Mistress with lots of experience. An experienced, divine lifestyle Dominatrix, who enjoys extremely S/M and Fetish sessions and role play.

Miss Lilith
Learn to serve and obey this attractive Femdom.
Maitress Theodora
Soft or firm Domination.
Maitresse Marthe
Young, Sensual, Powerful and Beautiful.

BDSM Studio Tartarus
BDSM Studio in Berlin/Germany
Description: How many times in your life have you experienced your ultimate desire? You get now the chance to enter our world! Do you dare?

Lady Lara
A very attractive Femdom to train you.
Contessa Barbara Calucci
Slave training for obedient men.
Studio Labyrinth
The League of Extraordinary Women.
Hart Oder Herzlich
You like to lick my feet or my heels? You enjoy lying under my boots.
Empress Victoria
Let your curiosity grow into addiction. You know it is your destiny and your fantasy.
Lady Luziana
Dominant, sadistic, sensitive, noble, powerful, versatile.
Madame de Cara
Welcome to the realm of Madame De Cara, a bizarre world of lust and female domination.
Amazon Xena Studio
She will teach you to be obedient. Strict erotic Mistress. Exclusive, discreet, passionate bizarre.

Studio La Luna
Exclusive BDSM and Fetish Studio with charm.

Dominatrix Dinah
Beautiful, mature, confident Woman with many years of experience as a Mistress. Lifestyle Dominatrix, the Netherlands.
Mrs Jill
Soft erotic sm play till very severe hard sm.

Hong Kong:
Femdom Kelly
An English Dominatrix, fetish model and life coach.
Domina Mandy
Professional Chinese Dominatrix and an independent lifestyle Domina, well versed in all aspects of B&D, S&M, fantasy and fetish exploration. Professional Dominatrix in Hong Kong.

Femdom Nadja Shark
Very experienced Femdom. Attractive and sensual dominatrix in Hungary. Sensual domination and enthusiastic sadism. An erotically superior professional Dominatrix. Sensual domination and enthusiastic sadism.

Femdom Kelly
Young and authentic Mistress.

Sweet Devil
Femdom club located in Japan. Beautiful and elegant Japanese Mistress.
Femdom Amrita
Very dominant.
Club Maniac
Here you will find some of the most attractive Femdom in the world.

New Zealand:
Femdom Margaret
An experienced English Dominatrix based in Auckland New Zealand.
Femdom Dior
Situated in Penrose, Auckland and considered one of the best equipped in the country, She has around 20 years of experience, and a sensual but strict demeanour.
Femdom Bridget
Devoted to the arts of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.

Lady Anna
Offers a wide variety of training to submissive men.

Dominant, authoritative, experienced in matters of BDSM.
Femdom Lana
Light to heavy domination.

Lady Katarina Von Hammersthal
Young and beautiful Femdom.
Domina Libertad
Professional Mistress BDSM - Fetish, sessions and organizing BDSM events and parties. Strict Femdom. Highly skilled in activities such as slave training. Safe, sane, and consensual play without judgment and guaranteed full discretion.
Domina Sara
Unique and Imaginative, of Domination.
Femdom Zara
BDSM School, Femdom in Barcelona, Spain.

Playful Mistress
My first love is D/s and a close second is bondage.

Lana Andersson
Some beautiful Femdom Ladies to train you.
Femdom Antoinette
Very attractive.
Femdom Kyria
Dominatrix with passion and true devotion to the profession.
Maison de S.
Dominas, Bizarre Ladies, Fetishists, ladies and slaves will take you to the erotic and bizarre world in a sophisticated and discreet atmosphere.

Femdom Christy
Have a cool time in hot Bangkok "with some very hot Thai ladies at Mistress Christy. She will unlock pleasure in your mind and body that you have never experienced before.
Empress Lucy
A Thai professional Mistress gifted with the art of domination.
Sessions are conducted at a very private, clean, secure play space in Bangkok.
Femdom Midori
With more than 10 years of professional experience She will teach you the meaning of real Female dominance.

United States:
Mistress Dee
Las Vegas, Nevada
I am an authoritarian and dominant woman in the Las Vegas, Nevada. area. You may call me Mistress Dee.
Educated to degree level, I am intelligent, imaginative and broad minded. I can be kind, empathetic and attentive at times and a strict, sadistic and a cruel bitch at other times.
I stand 5 ft 8 inches tall without heels with strong arms and thick muscular thighs. I have piercing blue eyes which seem to bore into your soul!

Mistress Lynn Han
Los Angeles.
A gorgeous American-born Asian mix of Chinese/Korean, I carry Myself with elegance, intelligence, & Dominance. you will find yourself crawling all over at a moment's notice, in My presence.. doing your best for nothing but hoping to please, under My guidance.
Mistress Katia
Smiling Sadistic, Strict Disciplinarian.
Chicago Dungeon
Located in NW Chicago, about fifteen minutes from O'Hare airport.
Ms Eris Discordia
The Femme Fatale of your fantasies and the Sadistic Bitch of your nightmares, in boots and strap on.
Mme. Katorga
A sadist and classic fetishist whose desires and whims are driven by genuine personal interest. A sensual Femdom devoted to the fine art of kink and BDSM. A lifestyle Dominant of long standing in the BDSM community.
Backdrop Club
If you are an individual or couple who would like to get more comfortable with your own fetish and fantasy interests then make a visit to the BackDrop Club. A beautiful, intelligent, commanding Mistress who has been dominating, disciplining and domesticating submissive men for over twenty years.
The English Mistress
BDSM fantasy and fetish. Range of play goes from extremely light for the fearful novice, to an unrelenting force for to be reckoned with for more experienced and seasoned players.
Range of play goes from extremely light for the fearful novice, to an unrelenting force for to be reckoned with for more experienced and seasoned players. The Dominatrix who will help you explore.
Femdom Lisa
Sadistic, kinky, and open minded. World-class Dominatrix, bondage artist, predicament purrpetrator, corporal punishment administrator, whip-wielding leather-clad Sadist, fetish model, wicked sensory manipulatrix, exotic high-heel fetishist, evil tickler, real-life Catwoman with a whip.
Kyra von Kropp
The One to worship, desire, obey and adore. Submissives, true fetishists and masochists.
Femdom Chase
All playtime is conducted on My turf at an upscale, classy, discreet fantasy dungeon.
Mistress Patti
Experience the exquisite pain and pleasure of becoming My submissive.
Femdom Alexis
Professional Domme that offers professional Spanking Services.
Femdom Madeline
Welcome to a Female Supremacist World.

Dominatrix Duo
Two dominas with beauty and experience in equal measure, who enjoy conducting sessions with the most willing and worthy slaves.
Femdom Pip
You will be grovelling over Her beautiful feet and worshiping Her defined body. She delivers harsh pleasures as well as being manipulative and cruel with a devilish imagination and a sense of mischief. The personification of the true Domina, sophisticated, intelligent, strict but fair.
Miss Severity Myers
Her diverse and honed skills, Her chilling attention to detail, Her wicked sense of humour, Her subtle cruelties, Her soft, cultured voice that can soothe and caress your mind or make you tremble to the very core of your being. An expert in domination, humiliation, BDSM, and the treatment of submissives in general.
Miss Jessica
A very strict and sometimes cruel Femdom who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment.
Mistress Zelda
Your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Zelda in Manchester.
Femdom Hourglass
Sessioning in West London at Her own chamber, and in Central London. Always on the look out for new classy personal slaves to join Her stable.
Maitresse Nuit
Are you willing to explore your taboos, fears and fantasies? To testing the limits of your control?. Sensual, caring, dominant and strict Femdom. She wants to show you that the world of BDSM and Domination can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice or interested observer.
Mistress Victoria
Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Trampling.
Strap-on Domina
You will be familiar with that feeling you get as you kneel before Me to face My strapon. Explore your dark side. Particular interests are role play, forced feminisation, verbal humiliation, CBT and CP.
Femdom Elaine
Real Maid Training. An experienced, sexy Dominatrix based in Bristol. Slim, very fit and naturally dominant.
Femdom Cara

Femdom Lashes
She loves seeing someone on there knees bowing down to Her where you are begging Her, groveling to Here to stop smacking you.

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Femdom Relationship:
A Femdom relationship is what is commonly known as a Female Led Relationship. These days a Femdom relationship is becoming more popular. Many men are exploring their submissive side and learn the many benefits of a Femdom partner in a relationship. A Female led relationship offers much for the submissive man, but it is something that needs to be considered and talked about before committing to such a relationship. In getting involved in a Femdom relationship, the submissive needs to be sure of his commitment. Femdom relationships are not something that can be hidden. They are something that is 24 hours a day and open. The submissive needs to understand that being submissive and obedient 24 hours every day is part of such a relationship with a Femdom.

Chastity Femdom Worship:
Many slaves worship a Femdom through chastity worship. This is where the slave is kept in prolonged chastity with no release. The slave will know that the Femdom is gaining pleasure through other lovers while gets nothing. Chastity worship is a great way for a slave to worship the Femdom. Many Femdoms gain pleasure from a slave that is willing to wear a chastity. Some slaves may only be kept by the Femdom in chastity for a few weeks, while other slaves may be kept in chastity for months at a time.

Sissy Maid Training:
Some slaves are seeking to become a maid for a Femdom. This is a good way to serve a Femdom but keep in mind there will be a lot of competition from others also seeking to serve as a maid for a Femdom. But keep in mind that if you do want to serve as a sissy maid for a Femdom it is a lot of hard work. Don`t expect it is going to be just when it suits you. You will need to make yourself available on a regular basis to serve as a maid. Maid service will include doing the house cleaning, washing, ironing, serving meals, attending at parties and often being required to serve as a sissy maid for other Femdoms.

Seeking a Femdom:
Seeking a Femdom can sometimes be a difficult situation for a submissive. What happens is that many submissives are too focused on what they want and try to top from the bottom. The Femdom knows this and will often lose interest in these submissives very fast before anything actually happens. One of the best places to meet a Femdom is in a club that caters to the Femdom lifestyle. Here you can meet and talk to a Femdom in real. Many submissives will often use the Internet as a way to fling a Femdom and sometimes this is a good start. But you also need be careful and take your time and build trust. The main thing to remember is to be open and honest in your communication with the Femdom about what you are seeking. And don`t get caught up in fantasy, live in the real.

Professional Femdom
Some Femdom may offer a Professional service which is often referred to as a, pro-domme. Depending on the Femdom these services may offer a different range of services from discipline to slave training. A Professional Femdom service is popular with many submissive men and women as they are able to have their needs meet more easily this way. A Professional Femdom may also offer the experience and safety that a submissive needs.

Submissive Women
Often people will think pf Femdom in terms of a Dominant woman and a submissive man. But this is not always the case. Many times it involves a Femdom with a submissive woman. Often this happens in a Lesbian relationship. Sometimes a Femdom will have several submissive women that are serving and obeying Her.

A broad term that often may mean different things to different people. For those involved in the Domination and submission lifestyle they will have a better understanding then those outside. It is often said that Masochism involves the receiving of a type of sexual pleasure or arousal from the receiving of some sort of humiliation or pain. The humiliation or pain is delivered by another person or sometimes more then one person. The term stems from Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Marquis de Sade who wrote about the subject. A person who is a masochist is the opposite of a Sadist, but many are switch, enjoying both activities. The acronym S&M is often used for sadomasochism.

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