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Here at Femdom Worship you will find the listings to hundreds of strict and attractive Femdom from around the world. These Femdom are all you desire and will cater to a whole range of fantasy and fetish. Femdom Worship also provides information about the Femdom lifestyle and all about how to serve and obey a Femdom.

Femdom Relationship:
A Femdom relationship is what is commonly known as a Female Led Relationship. These days a Femdom relationship is becoming more popular. Many men are exploring their submissive side and learn the many benefits of a Femdom partner in a relationship. A Female led relationship offers much for the submissive man, but it is something that needs to be considered and talked about before committing to such a relationship. In getting involved in a Femdom relationship, the submissive needs to be sure of his commitment. Femdom relationships are not something that can be hidden. They are something that is 24 hours a day and open. The submissive needs to understand that being submissive and obedient 24 hours every day is part of such a relationship with a Femdom.

Chastity Femdom Worship:
Many slaves worship a Femdom through chastity worship. This is where the slave is kept in prolonged chastity with no release. The slave will know that the Femdom is gaining pleasure through other lovers while gets nothing. Chastity worship is a great way for a slave to worship the Femdom. Many Femdoms gain pleasure from a slave that is willing to wear a chastity. Some slaves may only be kept by the Femdom in chastity for a few weeks, while other slaves may be kept in chastity for months at a time.

Sissy Maid Training:
Some slaves are seeking to become a maid for a Femdom. This is a good way to serve a Femdom but keep in mind there will be a lot of competition from others also seeking to serve as a maid for a Femdom. But keep in mind that if you do want to serve as a sissy maid for a Femdom it is a lot of hard work. Don`t expect it is going to be just when it suits you. You will need to make yourself available on a regular basis to serve as a maid. Maid service will include doing the house cleaning, washing, ironing, serving meals, attending at parties and often being required to serve as a sissy maid for other Femdoms.

Seeking a Femdom:
Seeking a Femdom can sometimes be a difficult situation for a submissive. What happens is that many submissives are too focused on what they want and try to top from the bottom. The Femdom knows this and will often lose interest in these submissives very fast before anything actually happens. One of the best places to meet a Femdom is in a club that caters to the Femdom lifestyle. Here you can meet and talk to a Femdom in real. Many submissives will often use the Internet as a way to fling a Femdom and sometimes this is a good start. But you also need be careful and take your time and build trust. The main thing to remember is to be open and honest in your communication with the Femdom about what you are seeking. And don`t get caught up in fantasy, live in the real.

Professional Femdom
Some Femdom may offer a Professional service which is often referred to as a, pro-domme. Depending on the Femdom these services may offer a different range of services from discipline to slave training. A Professional Femdom service is popular with many submissive men and women as they are able to have their needs meet more easily this way. A Professional Femdom may also offer the experience and safety that a submissive needs.

Submissive Women
Often people will think pf Femdom in terms of a Dominant woman and a submissive man. But this is not always the case. Many times it involves a Femdom with a submissive woman. Often this happens in a Lesbian relationship. Sometimes a Femdom will have several submissive women that are serving and obeying Her.

A broad term that often may mean different things to different people. For those involved in the Domination and submission lifestyle they will have a better understanding then those outside. It is often said that Masochism involves the receiving of a type of sexual pleasure or arousal from the receiving of some sort of humiliation or pain. The humiliation or pain is delivered by another person or sometimes more then one person. The term stems from Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Marquis de Sade who wrote about the subject. A person who is a masochist is the opposite of a Sadist, but many are switch, enjoying both activities. The acronym S&M is often used for sadomasochism.

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For submissive men, worshipping a FemDom is like nothing else. The ability to get down at her feet, grovel and follow orders that please only the FemDom strikes a chord with these men, and they will gladly serve her needs for endless hours. But worshipping a FemDom is more than just any other BDSM submissive following orders from a Dominant, there is something truly special about this form of submission for the men that choose it.

In FemDom worship, the men arenít just following orders, they are truly worshipping their feminine Mistress. What she says is the new gospel, and her orders are divinity in action. Men will submit to a FemDom for hours because they feel that she, the powerful woman figure, is the most intelligent, most amazing, most supreme being in the universe. He realizes the natural feminine gifts that powerful women possess, and he realizes that his place is at her feet. He feels unworthy to do anything in her presence other than accept her orders and work to please her needs.

Many acts performed by the worshipping males are done in other BDSM contexts, but in this context really do mirror religious experiences in their intensity, focus and obsessive nature towards the power of the woman being worshipped. Most common activities include foot worship, pussy worship and ass worship. The male will give attention to that area as the FemDom demands, and he will do nothing but work to please the woman. She may also be quite forceful with these worships, and the man may be blindfolded, hooded or bound during the session, which only heightens the experience. He not only physically pleasures her, he is literally worshipping that area of her body and the beauty, perfection and superiority of the womanís body.

This worshipping is also typically accompanied with verbal humiliation dished out by the FemDom. She will typically tell him that he is worthless and deserves to be serving her needs instead of his own, and she is often quite sadistic in her humiliation. Many men find this verbal aspect of FemDom worship to be truly cathartic. These men truly believe that women are superior to them, and having the FemDom acknowledge this and point out how much more worthy they are of greatness and attention makes the men feel complete and satisfied.

FemDom worship is a way for submissive males that believe in the power and superiority of women to act out on their desires. Many of these men want to not only submit and follow orders, they want to acknowledge the feminine powers of the FemDom and worship her gifts. Men that choose FemDom worship are often looking more for the emotional experience of pleasing a woman and recognizing her as a goddess than anything else. It can be a very powerful experience for these men, allowing them to fulfill their need to declare themselves worthless while placing the FemDom on a pedestal, where they rightfully belong.

What is it that makes some men grovel at the feet of Dominant women? There must be some universal attribute or psychological urge that creates this desire, a desire so strong that these men will literally jump through hoops of fire to gain the admiration and adoration of the FemDom. Serving a FemDom is not easy and it requires extreme dedication, passion, and the loss of many rights and freedoms most people would never consider forfeiting. So Why do men want so desperately to serve a FemDom?

Men that choose to serve a FemDom are men that recognize the innate superiority of women. They recognize that women are natural born leaders, and they want to follow. These men worship the power of the feminine mystique, and they want to be in the presence of women that fully utilize and embrace their own superiority.

All men want to please their wives and girlfriends to receive their praise. Men that want to obey and serve FemDoms just crave the adoration of a women more desperately. They donít want to merely make a woman happy or satisfy her needs, they want to worship her and provide for her every wish and desire. In return these men gain the satisfaction that comes from completely pleasing a woman, and they will endure punishments, humiliation, and strict rules so that they can be trained to precisely and exactly serve the FemDom. These men find great pleasure in making their Mistress happy, and they truly crave the feeling of bliss when they do finally meet her needs.

Men serving FemDom women may be CEOs or in other roles where they are expected to make the decisions all day every day, and they want a break from the responsibility of being in charge. They find that following someone elseís lead, completely letting go and submitting allows them to find inner peace and calm. Men that serve FemDoms often relish in the loss of control, and they find immense pleasure in simply shutting down and doing as told.

A lot of men struggle with feelings of shame and guilt. Society tells them that they should be dominant, in control, and more superior than women, but they themselves donít feel this way. They are naturally submissive and respect the female prowess, but feel that they canít express because itís wrong. Serving a FemDom allows these men to submit and obey to a powerful woman as they truly wish without judgement by society. They also enjoy the submission, punishment, and discipline because on some level they feel they deserve it for wanting to be below a woman, and it can help them cope with their own inner feelings of shame and guilt.

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